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Accounts Receivable Recovery & Debtor Rehabilitation Process:

USDebtCollecotor´s primary goal is to satisfy our clients' need for a swift recovery of monies due to them, as well as ensuring that every effort is made to restore and repair our clients’ business relationship with a past due customer:

Pre-Litigation Recovery Process:

Phone contact: A courteous yet firm introductory phone call commences the recovery process at approximately the 90 days past due mark, and attempts to assess the reason for non-payment. Subsequent phone calls remind the debtor of the past due invoice, follow-up on any exchange of correspondence between USDebtCollector and the debtor, and ensure that any payment arrangements with the debtor follow the agreed upon schedule.

Collection letters: Content and tone of letter varies from an introductory explanation of the amount due, to notifying the debtor that a complete financial investigation is being conducted in order to determine the debtor’s ability to pay a past due balance. In addition to phone contacts described above, a series of letters is usually mailed to the debtor over a one month period in order to urge and prompt payment.

Evaluation of debtor's capability to pay: Utilization of information databases throughout the pre-litigation process will guide our internal investigator’s negotiation stance, and enable USDebtCollector professionals to customize their recovery approach in accordance with a debtor’s financial profile.
Please note:In keeping with USDebtCollector´s client-focused corporate philosophy, any element of our recovery process can be customized to accommodate our client’s preferences.

Remittance Policy:

The above process will only be deemed successful if USDebtCollector is able to recover monies for our client. Monies recovered directly by USDebtCollector will be deposited into a non-interest bearing client trust account, and remitted minus the prior agreed upon contingency fee on a rolling 30 day cycle. Funds sent directly to our client by the debtor, will be invoiced for once RMC confirms with client receipt of funds. USDebtCollector is not compensated during the pre-litigation process if we are unable to effectuate payments on unpaid invoices.

However, if execution of the above described recovery process has not prompted full payment from the debtor or an acceptable settlement amount for our client, USDebtCollector offers a range of additional collection solutions that can also lead to a successful resolution of an outstanding claim.

Retail Debt Recovery:

In an effort to become your one-stop shop for debt recovery, our firm can also work on your past due retail accounts receivable. USDebtCollector´s professionals strictly adhere to the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) which governs retail debt recovery. Our professionals periodically attend training courses on industry trends, collection techniques, and various collection scenarios.